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Wage and Hour Class Actions
The firm has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of employees who were not paid for all work they performed.  Mr. Bormes has been asked to speak at seminars for attorneys seeking to learn more about representing employees in wage violation cases. Additionally, the U. S. Bankruptcy Trustee for the Northern District of Illinois recently appointed him to be the Vice Chair of the Creditor's Committee in the bankruptcy proceedings of Giordano's Enterprises, Inc., a well known Chicago pizzeria chain.

The firm has handled the following types of wage violation lawsuits:
Improperly classifying store managers as not being entitled to overtime wages.

Failure to pay retail employees for making bank deposits after closing.
Failure to pay call center workers for pre and post shift work.

Improper tip pooling practices by restaurants.

Improper deductions from credit card tips. 

Failure to pay the correct amount of overtime earned by tip credit employees.

Payment of "Comp Time" instead of time and a half for overtime work.

Failure to pay security guards for pre shift work

Mr. Bormes has represented employees of the following businesses who were not properly paid for all wages they earned.

Telephone Call Centers
HSBC call center in Wood Dale, Illinois
Comcast call centers located throughout Illinois
Chase Bank call center in Elgin, Illinois

Express Clothing Stores
Victoria's Secret
A national retailer of children's clothing

Alumni Club
Cadillac Ranch
Calypso Cafe
Chicago Cut Steakhouse
Costa's Restaurant
Ditka's Restaurant
Dixie Kitchen
Ex Calibur Night Club
Giordano's Pizza
Houston's Restaurants
J. Alexander's Restaurants
Las Tablas Restaurant
Le Colonial
Leona's Restaurants
Morton's The Steakhouse
Metro Deli and Cafe
Millennium Park Restaurant
South Loop Club
The Leg Room
A National high-end Steak Chain

Solideal Tire Company
Harris Trust and Savings Bank

Security Guards
Universal Security
Impaq Security

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