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Commercial and Construction Litigation
Commercial Litigation
James X. Bormes has developed a reputation for excellence in the litigation of class actions, breach of contract cases and other business disputes. He has the experience to prosecute or defend any business dispute, no matter how complex, from pre-lawsuit negotiations all the way through final appeal.

Commercial litigation is a broad area of the law that includes any type of dispute related to business issues. Those disputes most frequently arise in the performance or nonperformance of an oral or written contract—either for payment of sums due for the purchase of goods or services or nonperformance of contractual obligations. Commercial litigation also commonly arises from disputes in the operation of a business or professional association, or the dissolution of the organization. Disputes among and between business owners must be resolved in order to continue operating the business or to allow the organization to be dissolved. These disputes can be particularly draining on the interested parties, financially and time-wise, so a prompt and cost-effective resolution requires aggressive representation.

Our clients benefit from our experience in these areas:
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Arbitration Breach of Contract
Class Actions
Franchise litigation
Fraud Claims
Misrepresentation Claims
Partnership Disputes
Real Estate Litigation

Construction Litigation
Construction projects involve owners, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, providers of construction materials, insurers and lenders. Disputes frequently arise about whether work was properly performed or whether payment is owed. Those disputes can often be resolved without a lawsuit being filed. In order to do so, it is best to consult a construction litigation attorney immediately in order to ensure that your legal interest is properly protected.

The involvement of several independent parties in construction projects necessarily involves oral or written agreements among and between the various parties. Disputes about the payment or performance under one or more of those agreements may result in a commercial litigation lawsuit. When a contractor fails to perform under the construction contract, enforcement of the performance bond may be a legal option

Nonpayment under a construction contract may result in the filing of a lien against the property by a contractor or materialman. The filing and perfection of liens is governed by statute. A lien that is not perfected is not enforceable. Attempts to enforce an unperfected lien may result in liability of the lien holder. James X. Bormes has successfully enforced and defended numerous construction liens on residential and commercial properties.

James X. Bormes' clients benefit from his experience in these ar
eas of construction litigation:

Actions for failure to perform
Actions for nonpayment
Breach of construction contract
Construction contract enforcement
Contesting materialman’s lien
Contesting mechanic’s lien
Filing of materialman’s lien
Filing of mechanic’s lien
Performance Bond enforcement
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